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Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War


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Black Ops - Cold War

A new Call of Duty by the title of Black Ops - Cold War is making its way to release.

The game is currently in development and expected to release later this year. It is confirmed to be a direct sequal to the first Black Ops release.
With this said, original characters are rumored to return in extremely good looking graphics.



Leaks of the game's main menu have shown a selection of 4 game modes on release: 'Campaign', 'Multiplayer', 'Warzone', and 'Zombies'.
If these leaks are true, this means that Treyarch have made the decision to pursue the addition (and originally the core) to the game with their iconic singleplayer story.



The past few days, Call of Duty publisher 'Activision' and development studio 'Treyarch' have teased fans with teasers. These teasers however did not include direct content of the video game. Instead, subtle hints were included.
Today (26th of August), players are told to gather in Warzone on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare as a reveal event is going to take place at 10:30 AM PDT.

**This thread will be updated when new information surfaces**

Share your thoughts below!


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This looks INSANE. Last we talked about this, I remember thinking that if the game was good enough, I might just have to invest into a PS5 a lot earlier than I was planning to. This showcases some of the best features of gaming, to me. The graphics are gorgeous, the storyline looks compelling, and the movement physics look out of this world. That slide and jump off the rooftops was...chefs kiss. The overall aura of it all, with the lighting and the dialogue, is one that'll certainly pull players in and keep them playing. All in all...EEEEEEEEK! 

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Update after Cold War release: This game is amazing. Except for Zombies, it feels like Zombies and Multiplayer had a baby. It just feels too 'Multiplayer' and not like other versions of Zombies. The game looks visually stunning, especially with RTX ON, and I haven't tried out the campaign yet.

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