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Player Report


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Player Report

If you find a player violating a community rule (found in "Community Rules"), you may report them using the format below.
A member of the Moderation Team will then review, investigate and issue punishments if applicable.


Please fill out the form below, make sure that the details are honest and accurate.
We will get back to you as soon as possible.



  • Ensure you have read our 'Community Rules' prior to posting the player report.
  • The person reporting must be directly involved in the situation, except in severe cases such as cheating, exploiting, or cyber threats. We do not accept reports from banned members of the community or those who do not have an accessible in-game account.
  • Evidence cannot be older than 48 hours. If players are deliberately withholding evidence and knowledge of a rule breach, they will be punished for said action.
  • The explanation of the player rule breach must be concise as well as factual.
  • Players who are not directly involved in said situation are not allowed to respond unless sharing pertinent, concrete evidence. If you comment on a report you're not involved in you may face applicable punishment(s), depending on the severity.
  • All responses to the player report should be factual and only reference the questions asked by the handling staff member. Commentary back and forth between players can result in applicable punishment(s) and/or further player reprimands.
  • Do not contact anyone from the Tarvos Staff Team regarding your player report. Situations must be handled via /report in our Minecraft Server or on the forums. Failure to adhere to this can result in your player report being denied and potential player reprimands.
  • 'Double posting' and 'Thread bumping' is not allowed. Please reserve one player report for one situation and be patient while your report is reviewed and concluded.
  • Once a staff member has made a final decision, you may not post the player report again. If you received punishment, you may try to attempt a punishment appeal one time for each punishment obtained. See the 'Punishment Appeals' section for more information.


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