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Tarvos has closed. -- Thank you for the fun memories. √ó

Staff Roster


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Executive Management
8v5tWWg.png- Ryko - Founder - Community Executive
8v5tWWg.png- Sparrow - Founder - Commercial Executive
a0iIPeo.png- James - Emeritus Founder - Former Development Executive


Community Management
W78aaV0.png- TBD - Manager - Head of Personnel Management
W78aaV0.png- TBD - Manager - Head of Communications
W78aaV0.png- TBD - Manager - Head of Development
W78aaV0.png- TBD - Manager - Head of Multimedia


a0iIPeo.png- Tom - Developer - Kotlin Developer
a0iIPeo.png- Frogium - Developer - Kotlin Developer
wiBxjbh.png- Nyvil - Developer - Kotlin Developer
fmwqYDK.png- Death - Developer - Kotlin Developer
lLj7bbr.png- Jeremy - Developer - Kotlin Developer

W78aaV0.png- VACANT - Junior Developer - Interim Developer


wZaV5no.png- Desmond - Administrator - Moderation Coordinator

W78aaV0.png- TBD - Trial Administrator - Interim Build Coordinator
W78aaV0.png- TBD - Trial Administrator - Interim Events Coordinator
W78aaV0.png- TBD - Trial Administrator - Interim Marketing Coordinator
W78aaV0.png- TBD - Trial Administrator - Interim Audio Coordinator
W78aaV0.png- TBD - Trial Administrator - Interim Graphics Coordinator


W78aaV0.png- TBD - Senior Moderator - Moderation Zone Lead | NA
W78aaV0.png- TBD - Senior Moderator - Moderation Zone Lead | EU
W78aaV0.png- TBD - Senior Moderator - Moderation Zone Lead | OC

wZaV5no.png- Ender - Moderator - General Moderation Staff


Moderation (Interim)
W78aaV0.png- VACANT - Support - Interim Moderation Staff


W78aaV0.png- TBD - Senior Builder - Build Zone Lead | NA
W78aaV0.png- TBD - Senior Builder - Build Zone Lead | EU
W78aaV0.png- TBD - Senior Builder - Build Zone Lead | OC

W78aaV0.png- VACANT - Builder - Build Staff


W78aaV0.png- VACANT - Contributor - Events Liaison
W78aaV0.png- VACANT - Contributor - Marketing Press


W78aaV0.png- VACANT - Media - 3D Modelling | Graphics
W78aaV0.png- VACANT - Media - Artwork | Graphics
W78aaV0.png- VACANT - Media - Texturing | Graphics

BvfZznc.png- Lexy - Media - Voice Acting | Audio
W78aaV0.png- VACANT - Media - Voice Acting | Audio
W78aaV0.png- VACANT - Media - Componist / Musician | Audio
W78aaV0.png- VACANT - Media - Sound Design | Audio


ORGANIZATIONAL CHARTTarvosCompanyStructure.png

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The Tarvos Community is looking to expand its team by scouting talented staff with passion for gaming and traits that will benefit the community.
You will get to work with a young and innovative team that is extremely eager to push the limits of the community and is constantly striving to provide what's best.
The team offers a variety of work with many current and upcoming departments to establish positive working ethics, allowing you to further develop your skills in a fun and educational way.

(!) In the Moderation Team, you will start off as a Support Staff. As Support you will perform various tasks such as to answer questions from our players, moderate activity on all our community-sites and servers.
Support Staff will be provided with a knowledge base that includes various guides to help them perform their tasks.
After 2 months of holding the rank of Support and reading up on the knowledge base and its orientation, you will get the opportunity to file a Moderation Certification. The Moderation Certification is an examination where your skills and knowledge will be put to the test.
After successfully completing the Moderation Certification, if eligible, you will be promoted to the rank of Moderator.

(!) Positions marked with the 'TBD' tag are, as the tag suggests "to be determined" and not actively occupied. Candidates for these positions are usually selected within the existing staff team and thus we do not accept public applications for these positions. The reason for this is because we have learned from experience that it is more effective to appoint current personnel that are trained, up-to-date with our staff policies, understand our community standards, business model and staff structure / organizational chart.


Join our Discord server for more information: https://discord.gg/vZQcj9d
Click the following link to apply for a position within our amazing team: https://tarvos-gaming.com/forums/index.php?/forum/23-staff-applications/ 

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