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[FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions


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Is the server open to the public?
As of now, the server is not public. We are working hard on development and preparing our staff to provide the best experience when we eventually enter a stage of public access!

Where do I apply for staff?
Great to see that you're interested in a staff position with Tarvos! You can find our listings here:

What is the website link?
You can find our website at:

What is Tarvos: Universe?
The 'Tarvos: Universe' Minecraft server revolves around a custom take on the survival gamemode where groups of friends, so called "clans" compete against eachother in PVP, the hunt of bounties, solving mysteries and minigames!
We will offer a very unique play experience to our players with loads of exciting, not-seen-before features such as the "clan totem", which acts as a clan their main control panel.
Every once in a while, new seasons will be introduced. Each season comes with a new planet to travel to (unique server) and explore with completely new biomes made from scratch. This is made possible with the use of a dedicated database (instead of using a permissions plugin) and data-&-resourcepack usage. These planets offer new resources and recipes to craft items for your clan.
We'd love to tell you more about Tarvos but for now we'll keep it at that!

When is the server being released?
We do not have an ETA for our full release yet. However, our closed BETA will launch on the 31st of March, 2022.

What is the server IP?
You can connect to our server via: mc.tarvos-gaming.com

Who is the founder / owner of Tarvos?
The founder and owner of Tarvos is Ryko. - Contact: ryko@tarvos-gaming.com

Who are staff?
We have an amazing staff team, each with unique personality traits that makes them stand out! Check out our staff roster here:

Do I get notified when and if my staff application was accepted or denied?
Whenever there's an update to your staff application, whether it's put on-hold, pending interview, accepted or denied.. You will be notified by a response on your application thread. So keep an eye on the forums! (If you have your forum notification settings linked to your emailaddress, you may receive emails.)

Are the staff experienced?
We filter our staff throughout different phases during the recruitment process to select the best candidates. All together, we enforce high standards and expect our staff to hold up to these expectations.

Which content creators are going to play here?

Is this a pay to win server?
Tarvos is not a pay-to-win server. All items and resources that carry value to gameplay can not be achieved per purchase. Tarvos will at all times enforce and value
Mojang, Minecraft EULA.

Is this server family friendly or is it oriented towards mature players?
The server will not differ a lot from Minecraft's audience apart from unique assorted gameplay. This gameplay however does not affect the target audience Tarvos is seeking.

Is cursing allowed?
We do allow cursing to an extent where it's not focussed harassment towards another person.
Racism, homophobia, sexism, poverty and gore speech will not be tolerated on Tarvos. Our staff will take all necessary (applicable) actions to eliminate sources of these.

Are alts permitted on the server?
Alternative accounts are allowed on Tarvos as long as they are not used to abuse or circumvent punishments. Doing so may result in a permanent community-wide ban.

Where is the server being hosted?
Tarvos servers are located in North America: Canada - Europe: Germany & the Netherlands.

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