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Development Team Application


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Development Team Application
Status: CLOSED

The Tarvos Community is looking to expand its team by scouting talented staff with passion for gaming and traits that will benefit the community.
You will get to work with a young and innovative team that is extremely eager to push the limits of the community and is constantly striving to provide what's best.
The team offers a variety of work with many current and upcoming departments to establish positive working ethics, allowing you to further develop your skills in a fun and educational way.



  • In the Development Team, you start off as a Junior Developer. As a Junior Developer you will be assigned certain projects to work on. For instance, fixing bugs, adding new plugins. You will need Java experience to become a Developer of our server and will be lead on by the Head of Development.

What we have to offer you:

  • A kickstart for your professional career;
  • Legendary team-building activities with the best co-workers;
  • A young, inspirational and unique team that strives to become the best community out there;
  • Courses to further develop your skills and knowledge.

What we expect from you:

  • Professional &¬†mature attitude;
  • A working microphone is a must;
  • Problem solving mindset;
  • Proficiency in English (speaking, writing¬†and understanding);
  • Punishment-free record;
  • Relevant Minecraft experience & Java coding¬†knowledge.

Tarvos Gaming is looking for staff members who are not affiliated with any other gaming community based on Minecraft.

Application Form:
If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit your application here:


Development Team Application

Section 1 - General Information
1.1 ) What is your Minecraft username?
Answer here..

1.2 ) Please provide your date of birth. (DD/MMM/YYYY eg. 01/JAN/1970)
Answer here..

1.3 ) Which gender pronouns apply to you? (eg. They/Them, He/Him, She/Her)
Answer here..

1.4 ) What is your timezone?
Answer here..

1.5 ) What's your Discord username and tag?
Answer here..

1.6 ) Why are you interested in becoming part of the Development Team?
Answer here..

1.7 ) Do you have previous relevant experience? If so, please elaborate.
Answer here..

1.8 ) How long have you been playing Minecraft?
Answer here..

1.9 ) How many hours can you commit to Tarvos on a daily basis?
Answer here..

1.10 ) What are two positive traits you possess? Explain how these will help you as part of the Development Team.
Answer here..

1.11 ) What are two negative traits you possess? Explain how you deal with them.
Answer here..

1.12 ) Are you staff on any other gaming community? If so, where?
Answer here..


Section 2 - Portfolio
2.1 ) Please post a portfolio of previous work below. This may be a Github repository, a snippet of code in a spoiler or video.
Answer here..

2.2 ) Please post your Spigot profile link (OPTIONAL).
Answer here..


Section 3 - Miscellaneous
3.1 ) Please post additional comments or questions below.
Answer here..

Do not contact Tarvos Staff about your application as it will result in being denied without further notice. Your application will be handled in due time.

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