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COMMUNITY INPUT #3: SMP Difficulty  

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  1. 1. Would you prefer the SMP server to be on the "Normal", or "Hard" difficulty?

    • Normal difficulty!
    • Hard difficulty!

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Hello everyone! We'd like to ask everyone to share their opinions on the SMP game difficulty.
Share your thoughts below, as the difficulty affects a variety of game mechanics, including villager trading, mob spawn rates, damage etc..

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My reasoning behind choose hard difficulty:

- Villagers only have a 50% change of being turn into zombie villager on normal but 100% on hard.

- You can actually starve on hard which make it slightly more fun and exciting as food is way more needed.

- A lot of mobs has cool effect on hard difficulty. Such as spiders can spawn with a random positive potion effect and zombies being able to break down your door.

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10 hours ago, Chris said:

I agree with hard 

Cast your vote above :P

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